Day Hike to Mt. Mauyog
It's been a while since I've last climbed up a peak and I'm glad that finally, after a few months, I ticked off another one on my list last weekend. Our day hike to Mt. Mauyog was a short planned trip and I'm just happy that it pushed through. I thought it was going to be an easy hike but nothing ever comes easy, right? Climbing up to reach the peak was quite a struggle but the view from the top was breathtaking, and that's all that matters.
3D2N in Negros Oriental: Sample Itinerary + Expenses
If I were to count the places outside Cebu that I have been to, I can count them with my hands. In fact, I can count it with just one hand since there are only two: Manila (here, here, and here) and Bohol (here, here, and here). As you know, I'm not a frequent traveler but I don't really mind. Traveling is not a competition, right? So anyway, one of the places that I badly wanted to visit was Dumaguete and I saw the opportunity when I finally decided to apply for a passport. I intentionally booked an appointment for my passport application at Dumaguete City and immediately planned the travel itinerary. My trip to Negros Oriental was my last out-of-town trip for the year 2017 and definitely was one (out of the three LOL) of the most memorable out-of-town trips that I had.
Travel Tips: Dubai for first timers
I have a bucket list of all the countries that I want to visit and among all the Asian countries, UAE is one of the few that I would love to visit first. And in UAE, Dubai is the top city that I would love to go to. And when that time comes, it should be a no-brainer that first timers (like me, someday~) to Dubai (or even wherever you go) should try and gather as much information as they can in order to be well prepared for the city they intend to visit. Researching items on the Internet can be really frustrating, therefore, this travel guide will assist you in building up an ideal itinerary that will cover almost everything you may need to know to travel to this exotic destination.
Healthy & Organic Ice Cream Options at Aysken D' Han
Having a sweet tooth makes me crave for ice cream every now and then. And ninety percent of the time, I give in, buy one, and regret it moments later. Haha! Do you experience it too? I have always reminded myself to cut down my sugar intake but screw these friends who always tempt me but screw myself more for allowing them to tempt me. Lol. That's why I'm glad that an ice cream shop in my hometown called Aysken D' Han opened and offers premium ice cream that will leave you guiltless. Guiltless? Ice cream? Do they really go together? Yes! Just continue reading to know why.
10000 Roses in Cordova, Cebu
I'm pretty sure you noticed the buzz about the now famous 10,000 Roses Cafe in social media last year. Located in Cordova, Cebu, people flocked in like crazy just to get the perfect Instagram and Facebook shots. In fact, sad news were circulated that a lot of the artificial roses got damaged. The hype about the famous cafe went on for months. But now that the buzz has died down (a little bit), I finally gave in and went there, together with Sheen and Zayn, to check it out and see if it's really worth the hype.
Cana Retreat: A Peaceful Paradise in Negros Oriental
We all know that Cebuanos are privileged with pristine beaches and luxurious resorts that made it one of the country's top destinations for tourists. But who would have thought that Negros Oriental has a lot to brag about too? While I was planning our itinerary for our Dumaguete trip last year, I kept on looking for must-visit places around the area and I stumbled upon Shen's post on Instagram and read her blog about this beautiful resort called Cana Retreat. True to its name, Cana Retreat will definitely give you a retreat that you will never forget. In Cana Retreat, I found a paradise.