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Eat Your Way To An Eco-Friendly Life

Eat Your Way To An Eco-Friendly Life
Our diet has a huge impact on our life. One of the most obvious ways it affects us is that it greatly affects our health. Eat a varied diet that features plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can enjoy good health. However, once you start to increase the amount of sugar, salts, and fat, you will find that your health could deteriorate.

But there are many other ways our diet affects us, and another noticeable one is the impact that it has on our surrounding environment. In fact, many studies show that the food we eat can play a big part in making our lives a lot more environmentally friendly. Here are some ways you can make a difference with what you eat.

Eat Less Meat

Most of the meat that you find in your local supermarket will have been industrially farmed. That is bad news for the animals, as they are often crammed into very small space and are kept very badly. But it is also bad for the environment, as these industrial methods require a lot of energy, and this is often acquired through fossil fuels. Eating less meat will help you to significantly reduce your own carbon footprint. You don’t need to become a vegetarian; just the one meat-free day a week will be a great help!

Shop In Eco-Friendly Supermarkets

Shopping local is a great way to cut down your carbon footprint, as you won’t have to drive so far to get your groceries. But it’s also worth looking for nearby eco-friendly supermarkets who source all their products from environmentally friendly producers. There are many around the country, including Foodtown. Not only are these supermarkets eco-friendly, but many also help to support the local community by providing educational opportunities and jobs.

Eat Organic

Another helpful way to reduce your carbon footprint is to try and eat organic food as much as you can. Most of the fruit and vegetables that are sold in standard supermarkets are grown with pesticides, which can have long-lasting effects on the environment. Plus, some are also linked to health problems. For instance, the pesticide that is commonly used on farm-grown strawberries has some links to cancer.

Grow Your Own The best way to ensure that your food isn't having too much of a negative impact on the environment is to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Don’t worry; this doesn’t involve as much hard work as you might think! You can start off growing veg such as zucchinis and gherkins - these are very easy to grow on your kitchen windowsill! Herbs are another great choice for beginner gardeners. Then, once you build up your skills and confidence, you can take your gardening out to the garden and grow a wider variety of plants. Getting kids involved in this gardening is also a great way to encourage them to eat a healthy and eco-friendly diet.

So, there you have it; eating an environmentally friendly diet isn't so hard after all!

*Contributed post.

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  1. I wanna try living with less meat. My tummy always feels heavy with the meals I've been eating.

    1. Me too! Grabe magbloat akong tummy when I eat lots of meat!

  2. I've been trying my hardest to eat less meat. I'm good with not eating red meat but I still need chicken or turkey in my diet sometimes :( One step at a time!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Same here, Eena! I tried living with white meat only a few months ago but living in Cebu, I can't help but crave for lechon! Hahahaha

  3. Eating healthy is probably one of the hardest things to do, Ella! :(


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